Classes for Summer 2021 (latest update 11/30)


Kids love coming to the Kids Summer Learning Center because we have engaging, creative and exciting curriculum with an amazing staff! We create an experience that our students won't forget.

Certified Teachers

Our dedicated staff consists of teachers who teach in many area schools, who are the most creative people you will find here in Southern New England!

Learn through Play

We offer many courses from many topics from STEM to the arts! Students learn while having fun and creating new friendships. There truly is a program here for every child!

2021 Potential Course Offerings

Robotics Engineering I

Students will build a Lego EV3 Robot and use LabView software to program their robot. They will learn how to program robot behavior using motor rotations, sound, light and ultrasonic sensors.

World of Minecraft

Students will utilize aspects of this popular game to learn to use basic controls, explore new worlds and plan, create and build their own buildings and landmarks as well as using the open world to make their own visions come to life.

Coding and Building Your Own Video Game Console

This class uses multiple coding websites and rasberri pi 3 technology to teach students how to do basic coding and programming. Students will be able to take the console home at the end of the week to play on their own television.

Robotics Engineering II

Students will progress their knowledge of robot behavior, core computer programming, logic and reasoning skills using robotic engineering content.

Lego Mindstorms

Teams will use Lego Mindstorms software to create a program that is transferred to their robot. Students will develop skills including collaboration, problem-solving and strengthening science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills while creating innovative ideas.

Lego Construction

Builders will work in teams of two (2) or three (3) to take on the challenges of building unique vehicles, experimental structures and awesome Lego models.

E-Sports-Competitive Video Gaming

Students will learn about the history of gaming, the benefits of teamwork, the effectiveness of strategy in games and have a great time!

How to Read, Understand and Create Comic Books

Students will learn about how their favorite characters were created, learn how to get into reading about them, create their own comics and walk away from the class with their own start up collection!

Lego Challenge

Students will have a set amount of time to design and build a creation to fit the daily task at time. Students could build the fastest car to go down a ramp or build a complex labyrinth maze to stump another student.

Video Production

Students will do basic scripting, filming, editing and effects. Creating YouTube and Instagram videos is all the rage and this class will give students a heads up on all the competition!

NEW: Video Production 2: 15-Minute Movie

This video production class is designed for students who took the first course last summer, or students who have video production experience. This course will focus more in depth on editing, scripting and filming centered around a 15-minute movie the students will be producing!

Lego Architecture

Using the modular building design students can design and build buildings of their own. While learning about architectural structures and design in the real world students will apply them in the LEGO world and create unique one-of-a-kind structures.

Engineering Skills I

This course is designed to bring out the inner-engineer in each student. Students will learn to use several hand and power tools and will be trained to cut, drill and shape a variety of materials like wood, foamboard, plastics and sheet metal.

Engineering Skills II

Students will use the skills learned in Engineering Skills I to build a fun Engineering Project to be taken home. Project options available from topics in structural, aerospace, mechanical and energy projects.

NEW: Jewelry Making

Students will explore the art of making jewelry through a variety of mediums and techniques. Students will learn skills to create their own beads and charms out of paper, clay and other materials. They will also be introduced to the art of knotting to create their own macrame jewelry and have the opportunity to create jewelry inspired by nature using leaves, flowers and shells. Have fun while learning-creating beautiful jewelry for selves, family and friends!

Kids Drawing

Students will explore various three dimensional materials and methods while learning new drawing skills. Students will focus on still life, portraits, interiors and landscapes from direct observation. All drawing materials are included.

Kids Kitchen

Students will learn the importance of following a recipe, measuring of ingredients, kitchen safety, working with other, sanitation, nutrition, and preparing different recipes. Students have a hands on opportunity to learn these practical kitchen skills and terminology. Students will also have the chance to sample dishes that they create in class.

Creative Writing

Students will be taking writing to the next level through zany writing prompts, creative writing games, and a week long project of fracturing the ending of a beloved fairy tale of your choosing. This class will bring together all lovers of writing for fun and an imaginative week of creating!

Music Technology

Students will be introduced to the ability to create music through the use of computers or any digital media such as cell phones or tablets. Students will be provided with hands-on technology experience in order to gain a first-hand understanding of the cutting-edge innovations that exist in the Music Technology realm.

Digital Photography

Students will move beyond simple composition to create photographs that are visual metaphors for ideas. On a field trip, students will search for signs and symbols in the man-made world. Students will work with the formula that composition combined with content will create meaning in artwork. The second week of this course is designed for more advanced students.

Mixed Media Art & Recycled Creations

Students will create their own Artist Book or "Glue Book" utilizing various materials like paint, cut paper, tape and string to alter their book to their liking. Students will be able to use their own imaginations and creative nature while designing their book. Students will also incorporate recycled items into their crafts and have the opportunity to create a bottle cap mural!

Summer Strings-Beginner

Students with in grades 4 through 7 playing a string instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass) will be expanding their musical knowledge while learning new techniques and exploring fun and exciting musical genres (such as pop, classical and fiddle). At the end of the week, students will have the chance to showcase their new skills in a Kids Summer Learning Strings performance open to parents and friends.

Summer Strings-Advanced

Students grade 8 and up playing a string instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass) will be expanding their musical knowledge while learning new techniques and exploring fun and exciting musical genres (such as pop, classical and fiddle). At the end of the week, students will have the chance to showcase their new skills in a Kids Summer Learning Strings performance open to parents and friends. This course will prepare students for high school level music.

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